Introducing Kiepsky

Kiepsky™ gives you products that let you go places and reach new heights—without having to leave your prized possessions behind. Ride into the sunset, conquer the waves, rule the workplace. Kiepsky™ helps you carry all the right things, so you’re always ready to explore the world.


The Slim Trim

Carry cash, and more cards, while still keeping your pocket sleek. The Slim Trim features pockets for your bills, easy-access slots for your daily cards, and extra storage with a pull card tab slot for your infrequently-used ones. Its discreet hidden card pouch also doubles as an I.D. protector.

  • 105mm x 88mm
  • Premium, Naturally-Tanned Leather
  • Slot for 4–12+ Cards
  • Full-Size Paper Bill Section and Hidden Card Pouch
  • 4 Easy Access Slots and a Pull Card Tab Slot for infrequently-used cards
  • Micro-SIM Card Pocket
  • SIM Card Ejector Tool Pocket
Our Leathers

Kiepsky™ products are made from premium, naturally-tanned leathers. With us, you get nothing less than products that are impeccably made, just as they are pleasant to the eye and to the touch.

Colour Selection

Make a statement, flaunt your style. Whatever your personality, there is a Kiepsky™ product for you. Choose your perfect match from our first-class series color selection:

  • Russet Brown
  • Blue Saxe
  • Rustic Rose
  • Smoke Grey

PullTab Feature

The Slim Trim is a full-feature paper billfold, without the clunky size. Our Pull Card Tab feature lets you maximize your wallet’s space by intelligently storing your less-used cards, while still making them easily accessible.


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  • iPhone Leather Case


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